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Who we are

Charter Oak Research is a marketing research and consulting agency focused on partnering through the project process to ensure successful implementation of results and recommendations. This partnering approach differentiates us in that we help our clients use the data to inform their decisions. Focusing on education and other business-to-business markets, we utilize a team approach, long-standing relationships and flexible service offerings, to be the true partner our clients need.

Founded in 2012, Charter Oak Research provides marketing research, marketing intelligence and consulting services for clients in niche markets in need of a range of services and support. Charter Oak Research serves clients who have come to rely on...


Paul T. Neal


David A. Urban

Paul is co-founder of Charter Oak Research and Chief Research Officer. Paul’s role in online business to business and consumer research analysis on behalf of clients has included thousands of studies across most marketing research topics. Markets for research include: education, healthcare, financial, insurance, and technology. Paul has presented and been published on: the use of normative data in analysis, respondent motives, trends in education and online communities and respondent quality. Prior to founding Charter Oak Research, Paul was a Principal at Olson Research Group for 15 years...

David is co-founder of Charter Oak Research and Chief Operating Officer. David also leads Charter Oak’s educational practice. David has 17 years of experience and expertise in enrollment. Prior to founding Charter Oak, David was Vice President of Client Services and part of the business development and research initiatives teams at Olson Research Group. At Olson Research, David started the company’s educational and enrollment offerings and grew that practice to be the second largest vertical offering of the company within 2 years. Prior to Olson Research, David was Vice President of Enrollment at Eastern University...

Senior Analyst

Béla E. Franklin

Béla is the senior analyst for Charter Oak Research. Béla works to develop and code surveys, administer interviews, and report data findings to Clients. Those served range from small schools to large corporations, each looking for research and perspective to enrich their assessment process. Since joining Charter Oak Research, Béla has contributed to many projects and delivered valuable reports to clients. Prior to joining Charter Oak, Béla worked with a state-based think tank as Associate Director of Student Relations. He lives in Denver, Colorado, where he recently finished his education at Colorado Christian University; he studied Politics.

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