Healthcare Market Research

Drugs are bad, unless they’re good, but even those can be very bad.  The public perception of healthcare products can be very fluid; it flows from side to side. This is why it is so vital to know the market for which your product is intended and communicate your message to them in a way that positively affects their perception of your company’s product.

Paul Neal has a large base of satisfied customers and is well versed in the challenges of the healthcare markets.  Along with Paul, Charter Oak brings not only the technical know-how to collect and process the data, but the insight, experience, and familiarity to advise your company towards success. 

Charter Oak Research delivers market research solutions to healthcare clients.  Our research services provide clients with quantitative solutions, designed to provide actionable insights at every stage of the product lifecycle.  

Our Healthcare Offerings

Custom Research​​

Charter Oak Research enables healthcare companies to conduct custom market research programs to address priority business questions with physicians and allied health specialties.

  • Product Profile Testing
  • Market Entry Analysis
  • Concept Testing
  • Ad Testing
  • Pre-Launch Awareness
  • Visual Aid Testing
  • Positioning Research
  • Segmentation Research
  • Message Testing
  • ATU Tracking
  • Message / Sales Force Effectiveness Tracking

Online Capabilities

Charter Oak has access to a robust provider database of over 200,000 U.S. physicians and healthcare specialists.

Charter Oak’s proprietary online capabilities, with 35 physician specialty categories, provide expertise in understanding challenging specialties and therapeutic areas.

Our strong research background, on both the client and supplier side, makes us ideally suited to offer the right research solution and recommendations.

Additional research capabilities include: qualitative interviews, focus groups, and consulting services.

In-House Expertise

Charter Oak Research distinguishes itself with a dedicated, client-focused research team.

The Charter Oak team features:

  • Client Side Perspective
  • Project Leadership
  • Skilled Methodologists
  • Seasoned Moderators
  • Fielding / Recruiting Specialists
  • Programming / Data Processing
  • Dedicated Analysts

Additional Services

In addition to a full array of market research services, Charter Oak offers clients two select offerings:

Charter Track

Online Message Tracking and ATU studies to assess promotional campaign effectiveness.

Charter Pulse

Online custom “quick pulse” studies to evaluate priority business questions.

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